Congressman Jody Hice (GA-10) Accuses Federal Judges of Terrorism for Refusing to Endorse Religious Displays in Public Buildings

As your constituents, we are saying to you that we are sick and tired of having our country and its religious heritage and its freedoms hijacked by a judicial terrorists. [sic]

Jody Hice delivered this speech November 22, 2003 in Atlanta. In the speech, he demanded that:

I call upon members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation to support legislation to limit The jurisdiction of federal judges. [sic]

He directed harsh words in particular to Judge William O’Kelley (died July 5, 2017), who ruled against the installation of The Ten Commandments in public buildings in Habersham County, Georgia.

At that time, he was the head of Ten Commandments – Georgia, which pushes municipalities and county governments to install plaques of The Ten Commandments and other documents in public buildings. He is currently the representative of Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District.

To read this terrifying speech from November 22, 2003, download it from Ten Commandments – Georgia. If that organization removes the document, I’ve stored it in

Law Day Poster Contest – Realizing the Dream: Equality for All

Who can participate? All public, private & home school students in grades 3-8.

Augusta, Georgia Law Day Poster Contest Entry Form (deadline April 26, 2013)

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Information about this year’s Law Day Poster Contest form the American Bar Association.

Letter I sent to Georgia Representatives Urging Removal of Anti-Immigrant Provisions from SB 160

The original legislation proposed in both the House and Senate fixed some of the problems in the anti-immigrant bill HB 87 which Governor Deal signed into law.
Amendments to the legislation would “make it a crime for state and local government officials to accept any foreign passport as proof of identification unless the passport is accompanied by proof of legal immigration status” and would prevent lawfully present immigrants granted deferred action and those granted reprieve from natural disasters and war from obtaining driving licenses.
I urge you to reject these amendments and pass the legislation as originally proposed to fix the problem of professional licensing which HB 87 created.
In the case of Speaker Ralston, who is not my representative, I urge you to use your influence to fix SB 160.
Ayman Fadel

Bradley Manning, whistleblower hero accused of leaking Cablegate and Collateral Murder to Wikileaks

Bradley Manning by Clark Stoeckley on Flickr.

Whistleblower hero accused of leaking Cablegate and Collateral Murder to Wikileaks

Who is a Moderate Muslim?

Published Date: 11/25/2010  |  Length: 52:47  |  Views: 290

There are Islamists and there are moderate Muslims. In our public parlance, the latter are the “good” and “reasonable” Muslims. But in a world of 1.5 billion Muslims, the division between Islamists and moderate Muslims leaves many nuances invisible. If the vast majority of Muslims fall into the moderate camp, then there must be many shades of moderation to be discerned. Who is a modern, moderate Muslim?

Who is a Moderate Muslim? Panel Discussion on Canadian TV