Bill Maher’s Use of Opinion Polls of Muslims is Ahistorical and May Justify Violations of Their Human Rights

A friend forwarded me a September 2014 video telling me “you’re swimming upstream in your defense of Islam.” Not knowing I was defending Islam (I see my political stances as defenses of human rights of people, including Muslims.), I replied, “only out of respect for you did I waste 3 minutes listening to Bill Maher.” He then wrote, “Who better than you, to point out where he’s right and where he’s wrong? Please share your thoughts.” Of course, there are many better qualified than me (see after the blog post.) But, after some delay, here they are. Continue reading

Who is a Moderate Muslim?

Published Date: 11/25/2010  |  Length: 52:47  |  Views: 290

There are Islamists and there are moderate Muslims. In our public parlance, the latter are the “good” and “reasonable” Muslims. But in a world of 1.5 billion Muslims, the division between Islamists and moderate Muslims leaves many nuances invisible. If the vast majority of Muslims fall into the moderate camp, then there must be many shades of moderation to be discerned. Who is a modern, moderate Muslim?

Who is a Moderate Muslim? Panel Discussion on Canadian TV