Mahmoud Ali Hamad, Witness for Terrorism Prosecutions

Mahmoud Ali Hamad teaches counter-terrorism to UK and USA public safety officials. attributes the Single Narrative Index and Holy Books and Terror Manuals to him.

The Single Narrative Index is designed to help prosecutors convince courts that defendants intended to commit jihadi terrorist acts.

In Holy Books and Terror Manuals, Professor Mahmoud argues that the scary jihad is the correct interpretation of Islam.

Unless “moderates” and western opinion leaders acknowledge that the definitions that Jihadis proclaim for themselves are not perverse, but more authentic and closer to the Islam of 1400 years ago, neither group can hope to understand the roots of the identity crisis facing young Muslims.

Moderates who claim that they are the true representatives of their religion and that extremists are mutilating the image of Islam are seriously in error. They are not credible to the new generations of Muslim youth, and never were.

Needless to say, I disagree with these assertions.

Mahmoud Ali Hamad, University of Brighton, (UK) is a Lecturer in Arabic Language and Culture at the University of Brighton. He received a Master of Arts degree in War, Violence and Security from Sussex University in 2008. He has provided expert evidence and reports in terrorism cases in the United Kingdom and the United States since 2007. A native of Syria and an Arabic speaker and writer, he has wide experience and knowledge of Islamic movements in the Arab and Muslim world and of Islamic fundamentalism, Islamist international terrorist networks, and global Jihadi culture. He has detailed knowledge and understanding of Middle Eastern political and media affairs. He is the author of a paper on “Holy books and terror manuals”. At the University of Brighton, he has conducted research into Media, Islam and Politics and “Al Qaeda organisational structure post-September 11.” He has advised international agencies and organizations on safe practices when working in regions with faith based conflicts and facing the risk of terrorist activities. Between 1998 and 2001 Mr. Hamad undertook a field study that involved establishing and acquiring direct contacts with prominent Islamist operatives, so as to profile and understand the radicalisation process of young Muslims, and to enable him to gather information and statistics on the operational aspect of Jihadi networks and the dissemination of ideological material at grassroots level. Duncan Campbell and Mahmoud Ali Hamad have jointly prepared a guide, the “Single Narrative Index” (SNI), to assessing recovered electronic and printed documents from terrorism suspects in the United Kingdom and with a view to testing and assessing the degree of extremist commitment reflected in documentary evidence. The guide has been provided to defence legal teams, police officers, and to the Home Office. They were both recently consulted by Regional Terrorism Unit officers who were tasked to assist and advise the Home Office in its 2008 review of the “CONTEST” counter-terrorism strategy.