Playlist of Songs Featured in AMC’s Series “Hip Hop”

AMC’s series Hip Hop: The Songs that Shook America consisted of 6 episodes in 2019. Each episode examined a “text” which tells how Hip Hop/rap music grew into the art form we know today and reached its current popularity. The fifth episode introduced the “rap battle,” so I’ve included 3 songs for that episode. So here’s the 8-song play list I made using Spotify.

I’m no rap aficionado, so the series exposed me to much I hadn’t known.

“Falling Off the Corporate Ladder”: Music Which Explains Why You Can’t Tolerate the Whole Boss Thing

Generation HexedI sometimes wonder why I just can’t get that excited about corporate life. So I compiled a list of YouTube videos I entitled “Falling Off the Corporate Ladder.” If you think of others I should add, let me know. I also created a Spotify list (which doesn’t include Canibus’s Shove this Jay-Oh-Bee).

Also, check out Who Is Generation X? Stories for a Lost Generation by Jennifer McCollum. The cartoon is entitled “Generation Hexed” by Ted Rall.

Of course, many of my cohorts have done amazing things & I presume they are happy and proud of their careers. So it could just be me.



Mr Bah – the marabout/medicine man – telling our future in the sand, Tuba Dabbo village, The Gambia West Africa, 2009 by The Gambia-Helen Jones-Florio & Jason Florio on Flickr.

George Mann announces the release of “Until You Come Home,” a CD compilation that speaks of the horrors of war and its toll on those who serve and their families. This new CD features many well-known folk artists, such as John Gorka, Magpie, Holly Near, Tom Paxton, and Utah Phillips, as well as Mann and Julius Margolin, his former singing partner, who died at the age of 93 during production of this CD.

Until You Come Home: Songs for Veterans and Their Kin