Watch and learn the “core problem” that is the focus of #occupywallstreet. Joseph Stiglitz recently spoke in Liberty Park. He, other noted economist, and this man all are saying the same thing – asymetrical speculation is the PROBLEM. Obama was put into office by Wall Street. He’s not going to educate the public on this core problem. Neither or any Republicans.

Americans have to fix their own problem. No politician is going to be truthful and do this.

Go to DylanRatigan.com and then his GetMoneyOut.com. Inform yourself and become “the change”.



The Banks Have Hijacked the Government, Nassim Taleb on the BBC.


The Face of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act – Anthony Bologna, NYPD Manhattan South

Since the Revolutionary War all US debt has primarily been due to violent engagement with an enemy. The same is true of the current debt due to Bush’s tax cuts for the rich and an unfunded war financed by special measures of debt through Congress. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are and were a tax scam. Now we have a Home Front War inside the US to continue high levels of military spending through absurd, gigantic policing measures under the Patriot Act.


The Republican “jobs” plan.