Letter to @NPR Ombudsman @EJensenNYC Calling Out Pro-Zionist Bias in Report on Israel Army Killing of Palestinians on Land Day

مسيرة_العودة_الكبرىRe: 16 Palestinians Killed, Hundreds More Wounded In Violence Near Gaza Border, March 30, 2018, All Things Considered by Daniel Estrin.

The word “Hamas” appears 9 times in the article.

  1. Palestinians answered “Hamas’s call to protest.”
  2. But actually Hamas, which controls Gaza, was a driving force. It called from mosque loudspeakers, encouraging people to gather at the border.
  3. Hamas took control of Gaza by force a decade ago.
  4. Hamas has fought three wars with Israel.

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Listener Complaints Re: America Abroad “Global Energy and Innovations” Not Fully Addressed

Jeffrey Dvorkin
America Abroad Media

Dear Mr. Dvorkin,

I have followed the issue raised by FAIR Media Watch regarding PRI‘s distribution of America Abroad‘s Global Energy and Innovations in April 2013. I appreciate your response, but as FAIR Media Watch points out, you failed to address the issue of disclosure of the show’s sponsors and you did not explain the editorial and production decisions which led to the sidelining of anti-fracking viewpoints.

Please update or add to your response to include these critical issues.


Ayman Fadel

phone number