Sen Lindsey Graham Proves Pres Obama is a Warmonger

It’s been a long time since I did a mathematical theorum, but I’m going to give it a layman’s try.

Theory: President Obama is a warmonger.

Postulate 1: South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is a warmonger.
Postulate 2: Senator Lindsey Graham approves of President Obama’s war posture towards Iran.

If LG = warmonger & POTUS = LG, then POTUS = warmonger.

Despite Pleas for Peace with Iran, Lindsey Graham Continues Sabre-Rattling

JAG Lorraine Barlett pleads to Sen Lindsey Graham to avoid war w #Iran, @GrahamBlog justifies saber-rattling

This is an excerpt from a question and answer session Senator Graham gave at the end of a talk in North Augusta, South Carolina on October 1, 2012. In the entire audio recording, this excerpt begins at 5:46 and ends at 12:17.

Congressman Joe Wilson added a few remarks after Senator Graham finished.

Congressman Joe Wilson asserts that Iran intends to exterminate entire population of Israel

#SouthCarolina District2 @CongJoeWilson asserts that #Iran intends to exterminate entire population of #Israel. This comes at 4:30 in this recording of a meeting in North Augusta, SC, October 1, 2012 featuring Congressman Wilson and Senator Lindsey Graham.