Join the protest to Free Ahed Tamimi, fierce Palestinian young woman, and all Palestinian political prisoners.

When: 6:00pm on Tuesday January 30
Where: Israeli Consulate of Atlanta,1100 Spring St. NW, Atlanta,30309

We are celebrating her 17th birthday, her resistance to the 50 year Israeli occupation while calling for her release, and an end the detention and imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners.

Act Now to Tell your lawmaker to support the bill to end Palestinian child detention and find out more about the No Way to Treat a Child Campaign.

Hosted by Jewish Voice for Peace-Atlanta Chapter and cosponsored by CAIR Georgia, Atlanta IWW General Defense Committee, Project South, Black Alliance for Peace, Georgia Green Party, Atlanta International Action Center, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition-Statewide, A World Without Police, SURJ Atlanta: Showing Up for Racial Justice, Women Watch Afrika, Create Community 4 Decatur: Black Lives Matter, The Ruckus Society, Black Lives…

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‘Librarians 2 Palestine’ Group Blogging on Palestinians’ Access to Books, Archives, More

From June 22 until July 5, a group of librarians, archivists, and other library workers is traveling around Palestine and Israel in order to connect with colleagues, bear witness, share skills, and seek out possibilities for joint work: … read more …

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Palestinian singer Mohamad Assaf responds to Israeli occupation army spokesperson Ovijaa Adraei’s ‘lies’

Tales of a City by the Sea

Palestinian singer Mohamad Assaf, a finalist in the Arab Idol TV show has responded to the Israeli occupation army spokesperson Avichay Adraee denying the allegation that he faced pressure to withdraw from the competition by the Hamas government in Gaza. According to Quds news Assaf wrote an angry response on Avichay Adraee’s Facebook page saying he regretted being forced to visit Adraee hateful page which reeked of lies and deception, but he felt he needed to respond.

Assaf wrote that neither him nor his family were threatened or pressured to withdraw and he pointed to how his pictures are hung everywhere in Gaza as proof that the people in Gaza support him. Assaf also responded to Adraee’s comment about him having a ‘brilliant’  voice saying what would really be ‘brilliant’ is if you stop killing our children and stop occupying our land so that our people can enjoy hearing our singing and not…

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Your future? by World Can’t Wait on Flickr.

We are not your soldiers

Facebook Friend Asks: What Are #USA Objectives in #Egypt compared to #Iraq?

Q: Would you say that for better or worse the US is trying to avoid some of the failures of Iraq when it comes to beheading a country suddenly?

A: No, I’d say that the US is doing what it can to preserve the status quo: (1) a government safe for US corporations to make money without having to worry about things like fair competition, labor unions and environmental regulation, (2) a place where it can send people to be tortured, (3) a government which will cooperate with Israel’s dispossession of Palestinians by continuing the siege on Gaza and (4) a lesson to the peoples of many countries around the world in similar situations: no matter how much effort you put into changing your oppressive governments which suit the USA’s interests, nothing will improve.

Regarding Iraq, I believe the USA thought Iraqis would accept the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), with Paul Bremer as dictator. This CPA would then distribute Iraq’s natural resources to USA corporations.

It was only the resistance of the Iraqi people, led by Ayatollah al-Sistany, who forced the CPA to agree to hold elections. I believe the US, rather than support a democratic Iraq, took measures to plunge the country into the civil war. But that’s for another post.

Real democratic revolution vs fake democratic revolution

Unmanned drones speak louder than words #Cairo #Obama #Pakistan #Afghanistan #Yemen #Somalia #GWOT #Iraq #Occupation #War