Don’t Throw Away Your Vote on #HRC

Voting for a 3rd party candidate may influence an election in certain states. In other states, voting for the Green Party, if its positions reflect yours, sends a message to politicians about your values. For us in Georgia and South Carolina, as of today Trump is more likely to win our states. If the vote in Georgia and South Carolina is close, than one must assume HRC is winning in the rest of the country and Trump victories in Georgia & South Carolina won’t matter. So consider voting for Jill Stein in South Carolina & writing her in your ballot in Georgia.

Should you vote? YES


Why do USA citizens constantly misunderstand government budgets?

A 2011 CNN Opinion Research survey demonstrated how inaccurate Americans are in estimating what percentage of the federal budget is spent in various programs. Some politicians pretend that cutting funding to public broadcasting could significantly decrease federal expenditures. Chad Stone wrote in US News and World Report in 2012:

At the federal level, most of the budget goes toward defense, Social Security, and major health programs, as the chart below shows. Programs that most Americans oppose cutting—Social Security, defense, education and Medicare (which accounts for almost two-thirds of the Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP slice of the pie)—plus interest on the debt account for about three out of every five federal dollars. Only about 1 percent of the budget goes toward foreign aid. Knowing these facts, would Americans still think that more than half the federal budget is waste that could be cut away without seriously harming government programs they value?

The Friends Committee on National Legislation estimates that 40% of the federal budget in 2014 was devoted to militarism.

On Sunday, October 18, the Augusta Chronicle, in two good articles, nevertheless partially contributed to this national misunderstanding. It placed an article about members of Augusta’s Board of Commissioners using $4,300 in gas allowance money on the front page, and it placed an article about the military contractor running nearby Fort Gordon going more than $104 million over budget on the first page of Section B.

It seems as if the magnitude of the spending was in inverse relationship to the position of the article in the paper.

On Thursday, Dec 6, at the Augusta Richmond County Main Library, 823 Telfair St., Augusta, Ga. 30901 MOVE TO AMEND spokesperson David Cobb shared the vision of the MOVE TO AMEND Coalition calling for reversal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that allows corporations the same rights as human beings and defines the use of money to equal that of free speech.

Move to Amend Talk in Augusta, Georgia


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International Solidarity of Minneapolis Urges Continued Resistance


San Francisco Sessions 2001 * Food not Bombs * by Sterneck on Flickr.

Food not Bombs!



Make it a Blockbuster night! 2010 Oscar Winner for Best Documentary, Inside Job explains the collapse of the world financial system. A horror flick if I’ve ever seen one, but hey, its narrated by Matt Damon!



Watch and learn the “core problem” that is the focus of #occupywallstreet. Joseph Stiglitz recently spoke in Liberty Park. He, other noted economist, and this man all are saying the same thing – asymetrical speculation is the PROBLEM. Obama was put into office by Wall Street. He’s not going to educate the public on this core problem. Neither or any Republicans.

Americans have to fix their own problem. No politician is going to be truthful and do this.

Go to and then his Inform yourself and become “the change”.



The Banks Have Hijacked the Government, Nassim Taleb on the BBC.