Letter to @NPR Ombudsman @EJensenNYC Calling Out Pro-Zionist Bias in Report on Israel Army Killing of Palestinians on Land Day

مسيرة_العودة_الكبرىRe: 16 Palestinians Killed, Hundreds More Wounded In Violence Near Gaza Border, March 30, 2018, All Things Considered by Daniel Estrin.

The word “Hamas” appears 9 times in the article.

  1. Palestinians answered “Hamas’s call to protest.”
  2. But actually Hamas, which controls Gaza, was a driving force. It called from mosque loudspeakers, encouraging people to gather at the border.
  3. Hamas took control of Gaza by force a decade ago.
  4. Hamas has fought three wars with Israel.

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Why Do People Call Gaza an “Enclave”?

Insomnia brought me to my PC & Twitter, where I saw a status update which linked to a wonderful article about artists in Gaza.

For some reason, the word “enclave” struck me, so I looked up its definition at Merriam-Webster: Continue reading

Warmongers’ Spewing Dangerous Nonsense in Augusta, GA Daily Newspaper

If you want to read warmongering nonsense with your morning coffee, check out Augusta, Georgia’s only daily newspaper’s editorial page. The Sunday editorial:

In today’s paper, two letters to the editor, one asking us to welcome war criminal Netanyahu to listen to his advice to attack Iran and the second proposing an official authorization by Congress for global war against “Islamic terrorism.”

I wrote the following comments to the two letters:

Why Should We Fight Wars on Behalf of Israel?

Netanyahu wants the United States to fight a war to prevent Iran from having a nuclear energy program in compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Meanwhile, Israel is not even a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and has hundreds of nuclear weapons.

Ending U.S. hostility to Iran, including threats of regime change and ending economic sanctions, would go a long way towards reducing the tension which adds to the intensity of Syria’s and Iraq’s civil wars.

Congressional leaders should ignore calls for war by foreign leaders and focus on the well-being of their constituents, who don’t want military intervention in other countries.

Comment #2

License for Endless War

I’m not sure why some people believe the United States has to be the world’s policeman, especially when past interventions have exacerbated the problems they were advertised to solve.

For example, there was no al-Qaida in Iraq until we invaded. The leadership of ISIS met in USA detention facilities in Iraq during our occupation.

NATO intervened in Libya. Since the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime, various militias have fought each other for control of the country, and its nominal government barely functions. Now people claiming affiliation with ISIS have begun operations in this chaos.

Whether or not the United States played in a role in the 2013 coup in Egypt, it continued support to the military junta there.

These are all cases of past interventions which have not solved anything.

Next, many times insurgencies which have nothing to do with the United States may take on the flavor of “Islamic terrorism,” especially according to the regimes trying to suppress them. For example, China describes dissidents from the Turkic populations of its western regions as “Islamic terrorists.” Ethiopia cracks down on journalists and bloggers in the name of squashing “terrorism.” Should we intervene in Somalia to support its government’s attempts to defeat insurgents there just because some elements of the insurgency are al-Shabaab, an “Islamic terrorist” group? So Congress should not authorize the President to wage war globally, but should instead examine each instance to be sure the particular conflict is in the interests of the United States.

Finally, let us not exaggerate the threat of “Islamic terrorism.” Please read this article from Foreign Affairs, hardly a peacenik journal, which includes a chart showing the causes of mortality and where terrorism falls in that list.

Humanitarian Intervention – Imperialism II’s Crier Proclaims Its Propaganda

See how the strategy game Imperialism II captures the spirit of humanitarian intervention and Responsibility to Protect!

Did you know I’ve written an Imperialism II Strategy Guide?