Can Religion, Islam Specifically, Be Anti-Racist?

Apologetics is the “reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.” As Muslims engage in public outreach efforts to reduce the impact of Islamophobia, one topic might be “racism” or “race-relations.” My fear is that such efforts might take the form of apologetics rather than a serious discussion to address the real impacts of racism among Muslims and non-Muslims, both in the United States and elsewhere. Continue reading

Georgia Dept of Education Withdraws Teachers’ Social Studies Guide to Please Anti-Muslim Bigots

Anti-Muslim bigots asked a county in Georgia to allow their children to “opt-out” of learning about Islam in middle school social studies. When the county, correctly, refused the request because it was part of the state curriculum, bigots statewide, including the Southern Baptist Convention, have apparently pressured the Georgia Department of Education into withdrawing a teachers’ guide from all the school districts in Georgia because it included accurate statements about Islam which don’t fit the anti-Muslim polemics the bigots believe.

Updated October 12, 2015. The dumbing down of the youth of the USA continues, this time in Tennessee.

Best Reason Ever to Support Americans United for Separation of Church and State

I’m a member of the Augusta, Georgia chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Consider supporting this organization. It helps to educate people who otherwise might believe falsehoods such as those written on the sign this little girl is holding.

The Cost of Compassion: Why Masajid Turn Their Backs

Justin Norman wrote a profound article on how most churches rejected his attempts to educate their congregations on the United States’s torture of detainees in the Global War on Terror. He listed the four most common objections, the bottom line of all of which was the financial health of the church institution. Continue reading

Islam & the Gecko: There are Enough Things Wrong with Religion That You Should Avoid Making Things Up

I realize today that everyone is an expert on Islam. Today I came across something on Twitter which utterly surprised me: Muslims are instructed to kill gecko lizards because one tried to intensify the fire in which the people of the Messenger Ibrahim (Abraham) (عليه السلام) tried to burn him!

Continue reading

Georgia Tax Credit Program for Private Schools: A Reference List

In 2008, I wrote a blog entry entitled “Georgia Tax Credit Program for Private Schools Deserves Attention from Muslims and Other Religious Minorities.” I interviewed Ziad Minkara, the founder of a student of scholarship organization, in May 2009.

It’s time to update this with information which has surfaced since then and changes to the program. This blog entry contains the sources I’ve been able to find. Continue reading

Sapelo Island Cemetary

Sapelo Island Cemetary by journeyintoamerica on Flickr.