Stop Telling Nick Kyrgios How to Behave

0_alexander-zverev-vs-david-ferrer-acapulco-mexico-27-feb-2019I stayed up late last night watching Nick Kyrgios defeat Rafael Nadal in Acapulco. It was an amazing match.

I’m used to ESPN & Tennis Channel analysts bemoan Kyrgios’s alleged unprofessionalism, which manifests itself in injuries (from lack of training), lackadaisical effort and on court personal conduct violations. I was surprised to hear that Rafael Nadal himself criticized Kyrgios in the post-match press conference, channeling his version of Major League Baseball’s John McCann. Continue reading

Tennismaggedon: John Isner v Milos Raonic at Madison Square Garden

John Isner and Milos Raonic played an amazing match last night in the Round of 16 at the 2015 Miami Open. I put on my Don King hat and decided somebody needs to put together an exhibition entitled “Tennismaggedon: John Isner and Milos Raonic at the Garden.” Continue reading

Al-Qaida Infiltration Tactic: Become a Champion Tennis Player


Become a champion tennis player. You will be allowed to, nay welcomed, in all cities of the world, including targets like Paris, London and New York. The naive enemy will even forget that your name sounds like the Arabic word for struggle.

تدرت حتى تصبح بطل تنس عالميا فيسمح لك بالدخول بل يرحب بك في كل مدن العالم حتى أهدافنا مثل باريس و لندن و نيو يورك. و تصل تلك الحيلة إبى أن ينسى العدو الساذج أن اسمك يشبه كلمة النضال العربية

Photo used under Creative Commons License with Attribution

Proposed Tennis Rule: Limit on How Long Server Can Remain in Serving Position

I was watching Nadal v Cilic today. There was one point where Nadal was in position to serve for some time. Cilic stepped out and called for Nadal to reset.

This was not an extreme situation, and I only remember it happening once. But Novak Djokavic used to do this a lot.

As the ESPN commentators pointed out, this is akin to a batter stepping out of the batter box when MLB pitchers take too long.

In the NBA, the free throw shooter has a ten count to shoot from the time the ref hands the ball.

Should there be some kind of rule on how long a server can remain in the serving position without serving? Perhaps 5 seconds? On first two violations, the player is warned. On third, a fault is assessed.

I would not expect this rule to be enforced frequently. But I just think it would let people know that it’s not good for the sport or for fans watching.

My main complaint watching tennis on TV is how long it takes between points. My DVR fast forward is 30 seconds, so if I can hit fast forward and the next point has not yet begun, something’s wrong.