Surrender and Endless War Are Not the Only Two Responses to Terrorism

Scott Hudson’s It Could Happen Anywhere (Verge, Vol 6, No 6, May 2013) presents two possible responses to the Boston Marathon bombings, surrender and endless war.

We are at war with radical Islam and we will likely be in that state of war long past my lifetime. We have two choices in this war. We can give up and convert ourselves, institute Shariah law, pray five times a day facing Mecca, stop listening to music, outlaw dancing, outlaw alcohol, pull our daughters out of school, close down the barbecue restaurants that sell pork, and force women to wear burquas. We can surrender and abandon our entire way of life, because that is the aim of radical Islam, or we can fight.

The most important problem with this passage is that the expressed motivation of every terrorist attack against the United States has been against specific United States policies, such as the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq and unqualified support for Israel, not against people’s consumption of pork and alcohol and women’s apparel choices. Continue reading

Ruin Their Labor Markets and Flood Their Healthcare Facilities


While we plan our operations which fill them with terror, we must also work long-term to destroy their societies. Therefore, we must do all we can to send to the United States “illiterate, unskilled, low-skill workers” and our sick, elderly relatives and put them on “supplemental security and Medicare.”

I was born and raised in Miami and I drink cortaditos and listen occasionally to some reggaeton on the radio. And, in the process, I’ve become very hyper and I’ve acquired some super-dangerous dance moves. ¡Cuidado!

A head of a sleeper cell in Miami, Florida. The enemy will never know what hit him!

2nd-in-command: I’m lactose intolerant. Can I still drink cortaditos?

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