Nominate Bradley Manning for the Presidential Citizens Medal

Use the White House’s online form to nominate Private Bradley Manning for the Presidential Citizens Model. Read its criteria.

Manning is 25 years old, and was born in Crescent, Oklahoma. Check the box that the work was done outside of his job.

In response to “Explain why your nominee should receive the Citizens Medal,” I wrote:

Private Manning, when he saw documents detailing war crimes and facts contrary to politicians’ lies hidden by our government’s security classifications, worked to release these documents to news outlets which brought the world’s peoples together in opposing war and tyranny.

In response to “Describe the impact that your nominee’s service has had on individuals and/or communities:,” I wrote:

Private Manning’s actions have revealed the extent to which our government, despite its rhetoric of supporting human rights and democracy, cooperates fully with tyrants. This revelation galvanized peace and justice activists to oppose wars and occupations more vigorously. Around the world, dictatorial regimes which had been lying to their peoples have been forced to acknowledge their duplicity. In some cases, people were able to overthrow their regimes, and some of the energy necessary for those tremendous efforts came from Private Manning’s revelations.