Krauthammer: Moral Confusion over Israeli War Crimes in Palestine

There has to be a word which describes phrases which please the ear and are uttered in an air of reverence, implying that they contain some timeless wisdom. Upon examination, however, the phrase is either false or meaningless. Certainly Charles Krauthammer is not the first person to use this rhetorical technique. Here’s a brief listing:

These phrases are very fun and easy to play with. When I was a graduate student, I was a Teaching Assistant for Professor Irving Katz‘s American History after the Civil War class. We assistants were meeting with Professor Katz to discuss grading the students’ exams. I joked, “We can forgive the students for writing poor exams, but we can’t forgive them for forcing us to give them bad grades.” He, may God have mercy on him, was the only one who got the joke.

People all over twitter today have been awed by Charles Krauthammer’s column “Moral clarity in Gaza.” It quotes Israeli Prime Minister and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu saying “We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles.” Continue reading

Jewfros in Palestine

Palestine should not be a summer camp for American Jews to discover themselves.

Corey Robin

Tablet has a moving piece by Samantha Shokin, a Brooklyn-based writer, on how a semester in Israel helped change the way she felt about herself, particularly her bodily self-image as a Jewish woman.

Shokin writes:

I spent a lifetime hating my Jewish hair—straightening it, covering it, or otherwise finding ways to diminish its presence. A trip to Israel is what it took for me to realize my hair was wonderful all its own, and much more than just an accessory.

Shokin does a wonderful job describing how her hair was caught up with her feelings of awkwardness, shame, and exclusion, how difficult it was as an adolescent to contend with images of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera from the vantage of “frizzy brown hair and glasses.” This was no simple matter of teenage angst, Shokin makes clear; it cut to the heart of her Jewish identity, not to mention…

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Denial of Israeli non-Jewish citizens visas to enter USA makes Israel ineligible for waiver

Israel requests inclusion in visa waiver program. Denial of Israeli non-Jewish citizens visas to enter USA makes Israel ineligible for waiver.

US Postal Service Stamp Commemorates Emancipation Proclamation


USPS Unveils Stamp to Mark 150 Years of the Emancipation Proclamation

The Emancipation Proclamation turned 150 years old yesterday, and the United States Postal Service…

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States With Tighter Gun Control Laws Have Fewer Gun-Related Deaths


The Geography of Gun Deaths: States With Tighter Gun Control Laws Have Fewer Gun-Related Deaths

Infographic: Drug Users by Race vs Prisoners for Drug Offenses by Race

US Security Class and N African-SW Asian Revolutions

This blog entry contains sources I cited and supplemental sources in my talk at the University of South Carolina’s Amnesty International chapter meeting on the Arab Spring.

Arms transfers to North Africa – Southwest Asia

Christians in Egypt

Egyptians providing media content in English

Others providing media content in English

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10 things USA activists can do to support the revolutions!