Why Should the Name Avi Dichter Be Familiar to Georgians?

Avi Dichter is the current Home Front Minister of Israel. In 2002, in his capacity as head of the Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet, he assassinated Salah Shehadeh. Because this assassination also killed 15 others, including 9 children, and injured dozens more, human rights advocates, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, have called for his arrest and trial as a war criminal. Salah was a Hamas leader in Gaza with whom Israel was negotiating a cease-fire. In 2012, Israel assassinated Ahmed Jaabari, with whom Israel was also negotiating a cease-fire.

In 2007, Avi Dichter met with public safety officers and others as part of the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange program.

Should not Georgians be concerned that their public safety officers are exchanging notes with war criminals and representatives of Apartheid Israel’s military and police?

Next time you hear that the U.S. has killed “militants” in a drone attack, remember this transcript of U.S. military personnel observing for four hours a convoy of 3 vehicles carrying Afghan civilians. The personnel concluded that they had positively identified weapons and no women or children were present. They launched two missiles, destroying two vehicles and killing 23 people, according to village elders interviewed later. Military personnel confirmed no weapons were present.

Transcript of #USA Military Personnel Murdering #Afghanistan Civilians in #Drone Attack