Newtown School Shooting Tragedy: The Overflowing Cauldron Is a Better Metaphor than Dominoes

Everybody should watch the Public Broadcasting Service Independent Lens documentary Newtown. The appropriate responses should then be a determination to reduce violence. Is gun control part of that? Probably, but it can’t be the only part. Is widening access to quality mental health care essential? Yes, but that’s not what I’m talking about either. Continue reading

Below is the letter I sent based on this action alert from Pax Christi USA.

John Tegtmeir
U.S. DOE/NNSA Los Alamos Site Office

Dear Mr. Tegtmeir,

The Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) project in
Los Alamos, New Mexico should be cancelled.

I oppose all preparations for nuclear weapons, and I ask that the
United States begin nuclear disarmament immediately.

I’m also concerned about the tremendous cost of this project. The
“Details of Project Cost Estimate” table in the FY2012 budget puts
CMRR’s current projected cost at $5.86 billion and a completion date
of FY2023 – this is more than ten times the original forecast – and
who knows what the final cost might be.

It’s also disturbing that this facility is sited near a fault line.
This raises important safety concerns and no doubt is responsible for
the tremendous cost increase.


My address and phone number

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