United States Encouraging Sectarian Tensions in SW Asia Since 2006

The United States has encouraged sectarian tensions in southwest Asia.

Here’s the full wikileaks document. Note it’s dated 2006. SARG stands for Syrian Arab Regime Government.

Wikileaks Document ID: 06DAMASCUS5399_a

Nominate Bradley Manning for the Presidential Citizens Medal

Use the White House’s online form to nominate Private Bradley Manning for the Presidential Citizens Model. Read its criteria.

Manning is 25 years old, and was born in Crescent, Oklahoma. Check the box that the work was done outside of his job.

In response to “Explain why your nominee should receive the Citizens Medal,” I wrote:

Private Manning, when he saw documents detailing war crimes and facts contrary to politicians’ lies hidden by our government’s security classifications, worked to release these documents to news outlets which brought the world’s peoples together in opposing war and tyranny.

In response to “Describe the impact that your nominee’s service has had on individuals and/or communities:,” I wrote:

Private Manning’s actions have revealed the extent to which our government, despite its rhetoric of supporting human rights and democracy, cooperates fully with tyrants. This revelation galvanized peace and justice activists to oppose wars and occupations more vigorously. Around the world, dictatorial regimes which had been lying to their peoples have been forced to acknowledge their duplicity. In some cases, people were able to overthrow their regimes, and some of the energy necessary for those tremendous efforts came from Private Manning’s revelations.

Bradley Manning, whistleblower hero accused of leaking Cablegate and Collateral Murder to Wikileaks

Bradley Manning by Clark Stoeckley on Flickr.

Whistleblower hero accused of leaking Cablegate and Collateral Murder to Wikileaks

Ann Wright Speaking in Aiken, SC

Col. (Ret.) Ann Wright spoke in Aiken, SC on November 19, 2012. This is a recording of most of her talk, until my cell phone battery ran out.

The focus of her talk was her experience as a government employee in the United States military and Department of State and the important role government employees play in blowing the whistle on malfeasance.

You can read more about this topic in her book entitled Dissent: Voices of Conscience.

If you don’t have Adobe Flash, download the MP3 audio file here.

Sen Lindsey Graham & Rep Joe Wilson have no sympathy for Bradley Manning

Sen Lindsey Graham @GrahamBlog & Rep Joe Wilson @CongJoeWilson have no sympathy for #BradleyManning

I recorded this audio with my cell phone, and I asked the question, so turn down the volume at the beginning of the recording and then turn it up when Senator Graham starts speaking. I did not get my question out well, but I think they answered clearly that they will not intervene on Bradley Manning’s behalf.

This is an excerpt from a question and answer session Senator Graham gave at the end of a talk in North Augusta, South Carolina on October 1, 2012. In the entire audio recording, this excerpt begins at 18:29 and ends at 21:11.

P.S. Senator Graham appears in CableGate memos 60 times.

Illustrations to clarify Secretary of State Clinton’s praise of open government

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