Show Gratitude to Working Immigrants Regardless of Documentation

Current immigration law makes it difficult for people who reside in the United States without legal status to get permanent residency or a work permit. Undocumentable workers are subject to exploitation by their employers, discriminatory state laws and administrative practices and exposure to criminal violence due to a fear of interaction with the police and criminal justice system.

Even those with permanent residency can be subject to removal proceedings if they are convicted of crimes for which US citizens are regularly given little or no punishment.

Removal proceedings separate family members, place people in inhumane detention facilities and uproot productive workers to countries which they have hardly known. Undocumentable workers are indispensable in agriculture, food processing construction, domestic and custodial services and hospitality. If they were allowed to participate fully in society, they could contribute in all fields just like citizens.

It is hypocritical for citizens to enjoy the benefits of a person’s labor and deny that person the basic human rights of security. Whether you arrive at a clean office building or purchase tomatoes and onions at your grocery store or enjoy dinner at a restaurant, you’re very likely benefiting from an undocumented worker. Have the decency to urge politicians to end the current suite of unjust state and federal laws and administrative practices which prevent that worker from enjoying the protection of law. Let God’s commandment to do good for your neighbor extend to all those who make your life easier, whether you know their names or not.

Egypt Iran Textile Workers by Gigi Ibrahim on Flickr.

عمال مضربون عن العمل

CSF intimidating labor protesters by Gigi Ibrahim on Flickr.

شارع قصر العيني