’s Misleading Article on Syrian Refugees

In the comments section of my hometown newspaper’s editorial urging blocking resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States, a user cited an article by (using my short link).

#1, some of the links in the article don’t support the claims the article makes or link to incorrect documents. For example,

… The 10,000 Syrian refugees are first flown to the United States, according to the French news wire Agence France-Presse, with the State Department paying the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the airfare.

If you read the entire article, not just the excerpt toprightnews provided, you’ll see that the 10,000 are not arriving at once, but after a long vetting process. In fact, nobody who’s just started an asylum request today has a decent chance of arriving in the US prior to Obama’s leaving office. Any Syrian refugees arriving now are people who made applications months, or even years, ago.

Later the article quotes a portion of terrorism expert Barnazzani’s interview on a New Orleans station. The part toprightnews didn’t include was:

“It’s going to be the 18- to 45-year-old male for the most part,” he said. “It’s a percentage game. It’s not fail-safe, but it’s a percentage game.”

Still, as more of the refugees take up residency in the New Orleans area, Bernazzani discourages fear.

“These are just people from another country trying to escape misery by virtue of a civil war,” he said. “We had our own civil war, and so I wouldn’t be worried, but I would be vigilant,” he said.

Regarding the Jeh Johnson quote, it omits the information that Jeh Johnson then provides about the steps the US takes after receiving the asylum request forwarded from international agencies.

(Brown) Children of the Corn (updated)

Image from horror movie “Children of the Corn.”

July 23, 2016 – Nick Kristof’s column in the New York Times of July 16 “We’re Helping to Deport Kids to Die

Update: Sign petition urging President Obama to stop detaining children.

I like horror movies, but some, for no reason which I can discern, give me the heebie-jeebies. Stephen King‘s 1984 movie Children of the Corn was one of those. So I guess I can understand why my hometown newspaper’s editorial page was freaking out about the children of brown people from Mexico, Central and South America trying to reunite with their parents now living and working in the United States. Many of those parents used to actually grow corn, until NAFTA made it possible for US agrobusiness to dump its subsidized corn into their markets and make subsistence agriculture impossible. Continue reading


Commander: O Mujahid! Listen closely while I instruct you how to infiltrate the United States of America in preparation for a future operation. Pay a coyote approximately 2,500 USD to help you cross the border from Mexico. Read a supplication prior to this journey, because many people die…

Leaks from the Al-Qaida USA Infiltration Guide: Tactic: Work for Years as Migrant Farm Laborer

Letter I sent to Georgia Representatives Urging Removal of Anti-Immigrant Provisions from SB 160

The original legislation proposed in both the House and Senate fixed some of the problems in the anti-immigrant bill HB 87 which Governor Deal signed into law.
Amendments to the legislation would “make it a crime for state and local government officials to accept any foreign passport as proof of identification unless the passport is accompanied by proof of legal immigration status” and would prevent lawfully present immigrants granted deferred action and those granted reprieve from natural disasters and war from obtaining driving licenses.
I urge you to reject these amendments and pass the legislation as originally proposed to fix the problem of professional licensing which HB 87 created.
In the case of Speaker Ralston, who is not my representative, I urge you to use your influence to fix SB 160.
Ayman Fadel