Request to Cover USA Complicity in Destruction of Yemen

Dear Ms. Finan,

I live with viewers of MSNBC’s Morning Joe and other programs. While I don’t sit to watch, I can often overhear the broadcasts.

Today’s action alert from FAIR Media Watch confirmed what I’ve long told them: MSNBC promotes war.

According to the action alert, “On July 2, a year had passed since the cable network’s last segment mentioning US participation in the war on Yemen.”

I’m not asking you to go Che Guevara & Noam Chomsky, although you could invite him to balance out your stable of weapons-manufacturer-sponsored military analysts. Just occasionally cover our country’s involvement in making Yemen a terrible place for humans.


Ayman Fadel
Augusta, GA

Yemen: Migrants Abused, Tortured by Smugglers


Photo: Many migrants pass through Haradh town on their way to Saudi Arabia, whose border is just a few kilometers away. Yemen 2013 © Anna Surinyach

Yemen: Migrants Abused, Tortured by Smugglers

Authorities in Yemen have freed more than one thousand migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia, many suffering from torture and sexual abuse while forcibly held by human smugglers.

“Many of the migrants are physically and mentally exhausted and are suffering from severe mental trauma due to the horrific conditions and treatment they experienced during their detention,” said Angels Mairal, an MSF psychologist in Haradh.

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