Peace for friend and foe

mai abdul rahman                           August 20, 2014

People hold signs as they attend a vigil to honor Michael Brown At a vigil to honor Michael Brown two young women held signs that read: “who do you protect? Who do you serve?” and “We want Justice for this, we seek no more.”

Ferguson is located in the northern part of the St Louis County, MO. The Ferguson police department of 53 officers serves a population of just 21,000. Ferguson’s police citizen ratio is four times the national average (1 police officer for every 396.2 citizens vs.1 officer for 1000 citizens). 

On August 9th, Michael Brown a recent high school graduate, who was days away from attending his college of choice was shot six times (twice in the head) by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Brown was unarmed, and until that fateful day he did not have a police record. 

Brown’s death…

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Why do white southerners commit more personal conflict murders than other white Americans?

On September 9, 2014, GRU Professor Kim Davies is scheduled to talk about the higher incidence of personal conflict murders among whites in the U.S. south than whites in other regions of the country. Her talk is based on the book Culture Of Honor: The Psychology Of Violence In The South by Richard E. Nisbett and Dov Cohen, which I reviewed at

“Terrorist” Tells You More About the State Classifying the Crime than the Crime Itself

“If it’s an al-Qaeda attack, you can bet it will affect the resources and how we respond to it,” [Daniel L.] Byman said. But “many of the objectives [of right-wing extremist groups] are close enough to legitimate political movements. It would be hard to take them on as a whole without causing a lot of discomfort” among people who don’t have violent aims.

This basically sums up why only Muslims, black separatists, defenders of the planet’s ecology and animal rights activists are treated as terrorists, with all the legal disabilities that entails, while white people who talk, meet, train and eventually kill people are never treated as terrorists. If the ideology which motivates you to violence meets the USA oligarchy’s approval, you can’t be a terrorist, no matter what you do.