One could just as easily say that about 70 percent to 75 percent of the people described as committing violent crimes, could also be described as generational victims of racist policies, like the ones Kelly and Bloomberg are promoting. One could just as easily say the vast majority of violent criminals in New York city hail from neighborhoods that have — over many generations — been the victims of a national wealth transfer, the remnants of which are with us even today.

We don’t say that. Writers and intellectuals on the Left would much rather talk about class. Same as it ever was. But this isn’t going away. We aren’t going away.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on the explicit racism of Stop and Frisk  (via theatlantic)

I was born and raised in Miami and I drink cortaditos and listen occasionally to some reggaeton on the radio. And, in the process, I’ve become very hyper and I’ve acquired some super-dangerous dance moves. ¡Cuidado!

A head of a sleeper cell in Miami, Florida. The enemy will never know what hit him!

2nd-in-command: I’m lactose intolerant. Can I still drink cortaditos?

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When I sat on the bed across from Hissen, I just looked at him. His serious little face was angry. I fished out my mobile phone and offered it him. He took it carefully with his right hand and held onto it. I kept on giving him more things out of my pockets and he kept taking them only with his right hand. He would not use his left arm at all. After enough temporary gifts, Hissen agreed to shake my hand. Every move I made, he studied me as carefully as I was studying him.

Inspecting his left arm, we could see there was a swelling above his elbow. As gently as I could, I ran my fingers over it. Hissen did not like that. He immediately cried and I had to stop. Something was wrong.

Dr Raghu helps a very scared little boy with sickle cell anemia overcome his fears. Raghu is a Canadian doctor working with MSF in Chad. Please leave your questions and comments for Raghu in the comments box below his blog post.  (via doctorswithoutborders)

On this Earth, some children have access to life-saving medications, and others do not. This unfair imbalance means lives of equal value are treated unequally. Our MSF action seeks to make a dent in this injustice. It is unfair and tragic that children like Oumere die so early in their lives.

MSF doctor Raghu writes about his team’s concerted efforts to help young Oumere survive and reflects on the bigger issues affecting children’s survival in Chad. (via doctorswithoutborders)

If President Barack Obama wins, he will be the popular choice of Hispanics, African-Americans, single women and highly educated urban whites. That’s what the polling has consistently shown in the final days of the campaign. It looks more likely than not that he will lose independents, and it’s possible he will get a lower percentage of white voters than George W. Bush got of Hispanic voters in 2000.

A broad mandate this is not.

Politico’s Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei remind non-white, non-penis-having Americans that their votes aren’t as important as others. (via andishehnouraee)