10 Reasons Why Talking About #Russiagate is Bad

1_l29LvThvYgDrXc09o3fONADecades after Letterman made Top Ten lists ubiquitous, I’m making my first!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons why your political “wokeness” is not tied to obsession over #Russiagate, an idea advanced in a National Public Radio piece critical of Lee Camp’s show Redacted Tonight on Russia Today:

  1. The United States endlessly interferes in the political processes of other countries.
  2. Corporate interference is significantly greater than the alleged Russian interference, and I don’t consider Westinghouse, Monsanto, Verizon, etc more benign than Russia.
  3. Russian support of the #TangMenace doesn’t explain why #HRC lost in 2016. Or why Democrats across the board lost. Or why they’ve lost in state and local elections since 2010.
  4. Russia and the United States have a lot of nuclear weapons. I don’t think we should be stirring up tensions unnecessarily.
  5. Whatever #DarthOrange is shown to have done, a Republican majority House won’t impeach and a Republican majority Senate won’t convict. So impeachment is highly unlikely.
  6. If he were impeached, our 46th president would be Mike Pence. Congratulations.
  7. Talking about #Russiagate takes time and attention away from truly frightful things that #45Regime is doing, primarily through its appointments at the Department of Justice, Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of the Interior and its delegation of war making to the CIA, special forces and other bloodthirsty and bloated national security apparatuses. Other horrific policies are extensions of Bush-Obama policies, which would then lead to uncomfortable conversations about the similarities between Republicans and Democrats.
  8. #Russiagate has made otherwise despicable members of the #NatSec apparatus seem praiseworthy and heroic. I’m thinking of Mueller and Comey.
  9. Actual problems with the elections process, such as denial of voting rights, gerrymandering, limited third party access to debates, ballots & national media, refusal to use procedures which would reduce fears of third parties’ “spoiling” elections, the Electoral College, unrestricted finance, etc, are neglected.
  10. Otherwise decent people end up accusing everybody who isn’t on board with #Russiagate in particular and with the Democratic Party in general of being Russian agents.

Bree Newsome makes two important points in a Twitter thread, namely that “The Resistance” began well before #DarthOrange and his election to office is partly the result of white people’s opposition to the modern civil rights movement.

Since I wrote this blog entry, “investigative journalism” for the corporate media seems to be find people who have been shut out of the corporate media and who then choose to appear on Russian-sponsored networks and shame them.

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